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What service providers know about our location

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What service providers know about our location

Hi All.

A simple search in google will quickly reveal that a question of to which extent service providers can know your location is quite popular.

However, the answers which can be found are different to such extent that I couldn't get a strong feeling about one particular answer. I hope someone here will be able to summarize that once and for all for me :)

So to the actual questions:
1. With which precision can a provider locate a cellular phone?
2. Are some of the providers deploy additional tools/software to get more precise? What are the demand for such services?
3. I heard about triangulation as one type of location discovery. How it can be supported from the provider perspective in the GSM network?

Hope someone will be able to help me on this topic, I am quite confused (or overflowed with all the different information present in the internet/books).



The service provider can know bout the location of a particular subcriber . they can tell u underwhich BTS the subcriber is right now . if u know the BTS the location of subscriber is with in 100m 200m or 300m area depending upon the coverage area of dat particular BTS.

and for more specific addition software are required.