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Where do I start?

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Where do I start?

Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am a network engineer with a limited understanding of comms networks, especially mobile communications. Recently my work has told me I need to scope out a new project and I have no idea where to start, and so I'm looking for some help... I can learn a lot quickly, I just need to know what questions I should be asking in order to work out what exactly we need.

Currently work resells an international SIM card but they are experiencing latency issues with calls coming back to Australia as they are being terminated in the UK, and a large amount of calls are coming from Asia and the US. They have decided it would be best to setup a switch here in Aus(their decision not mine) and want me to scope out what it would look like so they can work out how much it would cost to get built.


- We have a termination agreement with a large provider here in Aus, however I know no details of that agreement.
- Currently reselling UK SIM and traffic is coming back to Australia via the UK.
- The termination partner is using BT to transfer calls back
- Currently Cloud9 are the termination partner and hold all IMSI numbers and route the calls.

Unknowns / What I need help with...

- I'm assuming we will need to resell SIMS from a local provider and have all calls via those SIMS terminated on the new switch, where we can then route - is this the case? We can't build our own GSM network!
- What is required on our end in terms of setting up a switch? I believe Cloud9 will continue to be used, however they will route down to our switch for the Australian numbers - does this sound correct?
- What do I need to find out from the local SIM provider and from cloud9? How they deliver services to us? What media and formats? I assume Cloud9 will be using something over IP, and I assume the local provider would deliver over E1 or similar? What would we use between them, and what hardware is required? HLR? Media Gateways?

If anyone could help I would be very very thankful - I have tried letting them know it is not my area of expertise, yet they insist I scope it out so I can help manage the project when/if it gets outsourced.

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