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Dummy load or Antenna (Anritsu-SiteMaster)!!!!!

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Dummy load or Antenna (Anritsu-SiteMaster)!!!!!

What's the difference between the DTF measurement with dummy load and with antenna? Or in other way: why I need to perform the DTF measurement with dummy load?

What is the other information I will get from the DTF measurement with dummy load and can not get it from DTF measurement with antenna? Please reply me ASAP.

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Even if the post is old i

Even if the post is old i will give a short answer .

Performing the test with the antenna should be done only when assuming your antenna is ok . You should use a dummy load instead it will let you get :

- better result on your measurements ( it's always hard to say on a DTF measure if the problem come from the antenna / MHA / last part of cable ( i don't know which is the name in english for the part between feeder and antenna :p )
- know if the antenna is where the problem come from

Plus : Most of the BTS site are now using TMA/MHA ( Mast Head Amplifier ) and you need a specific option on your analyser to be able to measure ROS with the MHA connected on the measured line ( site master will act as a bias-tee )