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Horizontal fiber cable distribution.

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Horizontal fiber cable distribution.

Here are the given:

1. 24 individual villas built on the same direction and not scattered
2. The last villa is 500 meters away from the MDF room
3. 1 data line and 1 extension line (which will later be paralleled to 4 IP phones using the same number inside the villa)
4. The ISP had already terminated a fiber inside the MDF room

I decided to do fiber cabling (single-mode) on all villas from MDF to villa telephone room because of copper distance limitation. Is it recommended to purchase a fiber optic switch that support single-mode fiber for the MDF room and a single-mode-fiber to ethernet adapter on all villas? I'm looking for a cost effective solution which can deliver and not be limited because of distance.

Can you suggest a good solution for this. Please remember that I am to use a PABX for the telephony and I want to utilize the same fiber going to each villa for the 4 IP phones (same number).