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Protocol analisers?

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Protocol analisers?

HI All,

We need trace the messages going on  SS7-MAP and IS-41 links for application debugging purposes.
What are the good protocol analisers available? (possible in mid-range cost wise).
Any advice would be of great help for me.
Thanks in advance.
-Lei Vue

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Re: Protocol analisers?

These are the three good ones I have seen.
Tektronix is costy but the best I have used.
The remaining are cheaper and laptop based. (PCMCIA)


Re: Protocol analisers?

Those are good protocol analyzers, but do minimal correlation and no CDR generation for applications like fraud, billing verification or any home grown application that can take in user definable SS7 records from a probe.

Tekno Telecom

[email protected]

You can get some laptop based

You can get some laptop based ones from