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Hi guys,

If a 4G subscriber wishes to browse the internet on his mobile phone, he will signal up to the P-GW in the SAE(core network) and connect out to the internet thru the SGi/Gi interface.
If this same subscriber wishes to use an IMS based application, e.g. PoC (Push To Talk), he will also signal up to the P-GW and connect to the P-CSCF node in the IMS core. From diagrams i am looking at, it seems he will connect to the P-CSCF using a different interface, Gx and Rx.
What i'd like to know is are there two seperate interfaces;one to connect to the internet and one to connect to IMS services? It doesnt matter whether sub is using 3G or 4G access network or GPRS core.

Hope you can help me out.


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harinder (not verified)

IMS is one of 3GPP’s greatest success stories.

Originally designed to evolve UMTS networks to deliver Internet Protocol multimedia to mobile users, IMS has become the core component within 3G, cable TV and next generation fixed telecoms networks.

IMS specification began in 3GPP Release 5 as part of the core network evolution from circuit-switching to packet-switching and was refined by subsequent Releases 6 and 7.

Initially, IMS was an all-IP system designed to assist mobile operators deliver next generation interactive and interoperable services, cost-effectively, over an architecture providing the flexibility of the Internet.

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