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Author Topic: urgent!!! Help regarding converting GSM PDU  (Read 462 times)
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« on: December 19, 2006, 14:15:10 UTC »


The hex-string PDU from a GSM modem is a s follows

0791448720003023040C91447790335322000460218161938 000250021010EC078000100C0FFFF00000200C0FFFF000003 0000000000000400000000000058B1

The data is 8-bit binary data.
i have extracted the message part which is as follows

0021010ec078000100c0ffff00000200c0ffff00000300000 00000000400000000000058b1

Now i am converting this into a byet array

      ///Method hextoBytes
      byte[] bts = new byte[hex.length() / 2];
      for (int i = 0; i < bts.length; i++) {
         bts = (byte) Integer.parseInt(hex.substring(2*i, 2*i+2), 16);

and trying to store it in an instance of deliverSM (since I am designing a store and forward
message center all the incomming messages will be stored as SMPP units and will
be sent to SMPP clients)

then i create a DeliverSM

//manually set the orginator; sender addresses
//set the message

                 org.smpp.util.ByteBuffer message = new org.smpp.util.ByteBuffer();

            /////Is this correct way of setting binary data?
            /////The method is the same as the one in SubmitSM

            org.smpp.util.ByteBuffer NEWbuffer = new org.smpp.util.ByteBuffer(DeliverSMdeliverSM.getData().getBuffer());
        PDU NEWpdu = PDU.createPDU(NEWbuffer);
        org.smpp.pdu.DeliverSM NEWdeliverSM = (org.smpp.pdu.DeliverSM) NEWpdu;
        System.out.println("\nNEW mESSAGE FROM fILKE:" + NEWdeliverSM.debugString());

Eventually when the deliverSm is sent to a SMPP cleint I get a checksum error.
I am not able to find out where I am going wrong?
any help regarding this will be great

- there isnt a method in DeliverSM to set/submit binary message (i have modified the source
code to - the code is same as SubmitSM)
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« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2006, 09:43:27 UTC »

ok, I got this working, like I mentioned - i was trying to convert a SMS(it has binary data) received via GSM modem into SMPP recognizable format.

I have used SMSLIB from sourceforge to read/write messages via GSM modem,
using this library I am able to extract the complete PDU as a hex string,

for e.g.

the complete/full PDU is a s follows
0791448720003023040C91447790335322000460218161834 5005500510109C075013F7C0CEB28BF313230313039323334 313037313830303635373635000F034D41545454455354310 0000000005481020F81000000004D41545454455354320000 0000005400010E8100000000D479

sender/receiver addresses can be fetched thro the API, the information in the PDU can be verified thro this link

On viewing this using this link 
I was able to see the following
TimeStamp:18/12/06 16:38:54
TP_DCS-popis:Uncompressed Text
<binary data>

the #clean# PDU is  (binary message is extracted from the full PDU)
00510109C075013F7C0CEB28BF31323031303932333431303 7313830303635373635000F034D4154545445535431000000 00005481020F81000000004D4154545445535432000000000 05400010E8100000000D479
they do look identical, starting from the end -> beginning - up to a certain point where the header appears. 

Then I convert this hex string to a byte array by this code
From this PDU I extract the message part alone, so the clean PDU (binary message looks something like )

public synchronized byte[] hextoBytes(String hex) {
System.out.println("Hex is:" + hex);
byte[] bts = new byte[hex.length() / 2];
for (int i = 0; i < bts.length; i++) {
bts = (byte) Integer.parseInt(hex.substring(2*i, 2*i+2), 16);
return bts;

I then create an instance of org.smpp.util.ByteBuffer with this byte array, then I set this ByteBuffer in an instance of DeliverSM; this deliverSM will then be delivered to the SMPP clients.

The assumption while creating a DeliverSM is that - if the message has 8-bit data; then the DataCoding will be set to ((byte)4) ; if the message has 7-bit data; then the DataCoding will be set to ((byte)0) ; with hte ESM class being set to Data.SM_ESM_DEFAULT.

This way I am able to convert a SMS received via GSM modem to SMPP format.
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