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SS7 routing by GTT

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SS7 routing by GTT

Hi guys, am caught between IP and SS7 technologies, whereas i know sigtran pretty well, can some one please help me understand how a SCCP routing is done by GT, say I have an MSC connecting to an HLR via multiple STPS, how to fing path to HLR?
Thanks guys

Hi I think there are two


I think there are two concerns:
1. GT analysis
2. Routing

1. When GT analysis will happen in MSS the Point Code of HLR will be the out put in case of messages going to HLR. So the destination will be the Point Code of HLR.

2. If going via STPs , say from MSS to STP then to HLR, the STP will check the point code and route it towards the HLR ( some routing table need to be defined for this).

If there are multiple STPs connected between HLR and MSS (please tell whether they are for redundancy or there are more then 1 STPs between MSS and HLR.

Thanks for that, i wonna know

Thanks for that, i wonna know basics of building up routing table based on GT... if u got any online link then I'll really appreciate.
Thanks for reply.

Aha, just what I was looking

Aha, just what I was looking for! Thanks man