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Invoke in response to Invoke

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Invoke in response to Invoke

Hello All:

Sometimes when I send and INVOKE I get an INVOKE back. It appears that the SCCP Cdpa and Cgpa are just swapped. I don't see any difference at the TCAP or MAP layers from my initial request. The message has the same InvokeId and TCAP TransactionID.

Can you direct me to a document discussing the valid reasons why this would happen?

Hi, this seems to be SCCP

Hi, this seems to be SCCP routing problem... I think routing indicator in the SCCP CldPA is sometimes set to 'route on GT' instead of 'route on SSN'. Then message is not processed by application but it is routed back due to configured SCCP routing rules while calling party address and called party address fields are swapped.

Found SCCP Error


Thank you for responding. I found the error set at the SCCP layer.

Return Cause: No translation for this specific address.