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Telecommunications is a fascinating, fast paced industry that influences every aspect of our daily life like normal voice phone calls, connectivity to the Internet, satellite communications, surfing the web, fax transmissions, video conferencing, high speed data communications, and cable tv.

       It started with first public demonstration of Morse's electric telegraph, Baltimore to Washington in 1844. In 1876 - - Alexander Graham Bell files his patent application. First telephone patent (U.S. No. 174,465) allowed and issued to Bell on March 7th. - - March 10th, Bell speaks the first complete sentence transmitted by variable resistance transmitter ... "Mr. Watson, come here. I want you!". The world's first two way long distance telephone conversation over an outdoor wire (borrowed telegraph line) takes place between Cambridgeport and Boston, Massachusetts between Bell and Watson.

      The field of telecommunication is no doubt one of the most exciting occupational fields that modern society has to offer. New technology is constantly being developed and finds its applications in the technical systems that make up a telecommunications network. This creates opportunities for developing existing services further, and introducing completely new ones - for the benefit of customers and society as a whole. The telecommunication industry is often referred to as an "enabling industry". That is, it creates opportunities for societal development in the broadest sense.

          In the current day scenario, there are lot of telecommucations technologies evolved and used by people all over the world. Wireless technologies like GSM, CDMA, TDMA, UMTS, GPRS and latest technlogy 3G growing at a fast pace promising high speed data communications. This web site is an atempt to collect various resources related to telecom (mostly wireless) which are scattered over the web.


The telecommunications is responsible for radio, television, voice communications, and broadband services. The growth and innovation of the telecom has enabled people to communicate across the world and access endless amounts of information over the internet.

In recent years, there have been dramatic changes and successes in the field of Telecommunications. Among the most significant of these are iPhone and mobiquity mCommerce solution, that enables mobile operators and financial institutions to offer mobile banking, mobile wallet and mobile payment services. It is true that today' s consumer are a bit skeptic about mobile banking, mainly because of lack of availability, poor wireless product quality (compared to the wired world) and insufficient technology. But, the number of mobile users is estimated to have far surpassed the number of Internet users.So, banking and finance will surely change substantially in the next five to ten years as a result of mobile finance. Mobile banking is going to be the future.

Surely, mCommerce now has evolved with its wide range of Use Cases/Services enabling financial transactions between different banks and Mobile Wallets are becoming key Payment Instruments for inter-bank transactional services...I am too working in one of such platform/project enabling financial access for mass people through means of Mobile phones....and the prospect market is huge throughout the world...specially in the developing and under-developed countries....where the BoP market can get hugely benefited with having banking/financial access at their finger tips.

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I have been involved in both technical and management (understanding consumer adoption rate and fatigue and RoI etc) aspect of deploying contactless payment systems. Certaining, it's a game-changer and during my research in this filed I tagged Mobile Contactless Payment System a 'disruptive technology'.
Currently, looking to create a platform for deploying NFC enabled POS.

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