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IMEI in Roaming

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IMEI in Roaming


    Is it possible to know the IMEI of one subscriber in Roaming using a MAP message? I'm not sure if this information cames in LU or authentication message.



Edited by: admin on 05/16/2010 - 04:32

Hi, IMEI comes in LU message but VLR should have "VLR ADD" feature activated and HLR also should have "HLR ADD" feature activated.

"The Automatic Device Detection (ADD) function is an optional feature that allows the HLR to be updated with the current User Equipment (IMEISV) and thus enables the network to configure the subscriber’s equipment based on a predefined profile.As an optimisation, the VLR may optionally store whether or not the HLRsupports the ADD feature and use this information to decide whether or not to send an update to the HLR."