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STP between ANSI and ITU

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STP between ANSI and ITU

Dear All,

Please anyone tell me what is different between STP ANSI Standard and STP ITU Standard? Can one operator use STP ANSI roaming with another one operator who use STP ITU? Could you please explaine? I am really not sure about that.


STP between ANSI and ITU

Hi Koung,

We can observe different addressing schemes are used in ANSI and ITU standards of SS7.As an example ANSI uses 24 bit representation of point code where as ITU uses 14 bit representation.When comes to STP, we need to check whether STP vendor supports which standard ANSI or ITU or Both.

Successful communication happens if both the STP vendors uses the same standard of SS7.

Hope this might be useful.

Many thanks for your advice

Many thanks for your advice Prasanna.