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Difference between Mobile Originataing Call(MOC) and Mobile Terminating Call(MTC) ?

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Difference between Mobile Originataing Call(MOC) and Mobile Terminating Call(MTC) ?


I could not get the difference between MTC and MOC? Is MTC is continued part of MOC?

What I understood is : MOC is originating call i.e., when we dial a number. But MTC smells fishy. Is it terminating call in the sense the call releasing method or what? But the call flow of MOC and MTC is as follows:

MOC Is MTC continues from here? MTC
MS(Calling party) --- >BSC --- >MSC/VLR ---> PSTN | PSTN ----> GMSC ----> HLR ----> MSC/VLR ---> BSS ---> MS(Called party)

Is my above understanding correct?


What you described is a whole call process
MOC: MS (A party)->BSC->MSC/VLR
MTC: MSC/VLR->BSC->MS (B party)

MOC starts from A party sending service request to core network
MTC starts when core network receives B number and start analysis for paging, or IAM sending


MOC-Mobile Originating Call
MTC-Mobile Terminating Call

In layman Language the Mobile/MS which initiate a Call is,that call is known as MOC.
where as the destination Mobile/MS for which the call has been initiate is known as MTC.

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There is a significant

There is a significant difference in the setup messages of a MO / MT Call...can anyone post it


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Difference between Mobile Originataing Call(MOC) and Mobile Ter

Mobile terminated means the individual you are calling is using a mobile phone. Mobile began means the individual putting the call (in other words, dialing the telephone number) is using a mobile telephone. MSC tests VLR for the Location Area of the mobile station.

MOC and MT for both numbers in the same PLMN

I think that te most important information to know:
The scenario. by your question, both numbers are in the same Public land mobile network
Also to know wich Message trigger MOC and Wich Message Trigger MTC in a call flow
At the call flow process between A (calling Number) and B (CalledNumber), the first message for Mobile originated Call side(A number) is the SETUP message sent by RNC to MSC. after that, you will check other messages into the call flow for others process.
For Mobile terminated Call ( B number) the Flow for terminated side, the first nessage start with Paging message to reach B number.

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