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Comparison of intelligenet network

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Comparison of intelligenet network

Hi All,

It's my firt topic in this forum. I'm looking information about keys perfrmance of intelligent network (IN). What allow me to compare IN of some constructors like Amdocs, Ericsson, Huaweï, ZTE, Siemens, and others...? What is the most important for an IN? what can allow me to tell that this In is better than an other?
If you have some informations about this, please you can tell me.

a IN is very custom, imho

a IN is very custom, imho

If u are asking for a in i assume you mean SS7 INAP either over TDM or SIGTRAN ?

What do you want to do with the IN ?
Mainly Bussines Numbers ?
Other ?

most vendors u mentioned, don't got a real INs (they got it integratet into they'r Switches) or don't sell them anymore (as they only shell SIP Softswitches/IMS) or they got Systems with Technology from the last century.

It should be flexible, modern and for sure fast.
It may should be possible to do MNP/LNP, BusinessNumbers, CN/VPN, and more.
It should have a SCE for advanced Routings.
if you are looking for a mordern IN, that can do all this visit:

If u need additional Information don't heistate to contact me.

Marcel Haldemann
Convercom AG
Our IN Solution: CoCoIN: Intelligent Network:

comparison intelligent network for télécoms network

ok thank you for your reply.
when I take any telecom operator are Features IN qur what do I press to make a comparison?
the thing is that all of the constructors IN IN say their is very flexible and fast? what should be my main selection criterion knowing that I am looking for example of IN can develop telecom services in quantity and quickly
thank you again


Flexible and Modern:

Try to get a demo from the SCE (Service Creation Enviroment), witch is the GUI/TOOL, with witch u put servies together (construct the Routings).
Then u can see how felxible they are. The SCE should be able to statify all your needs for a Routing wihtout any external setting or wahtever.

Is it possible to build a Service (for example combination of BlackList / Overflow Protection / Balancing / and so on) in any combination ? And is it then possible to upload/assign the RoutingLogic to any Number (GeoNumber / BusinessNumber and maybe for CN/VPN).

Is it also possible to create basic Services with a easy Interface ? Maybe then also possible to import BasicRoutings via Excel or CSV ?

Are there APIs (such as SOAP or HTTP GET/POST) ?

Do they support modern infra Structre ? Is it possible to virtualize the Servers ?

Depending on your needs:

Do they support MNP/LNP on the same Platform ?
Do they Support CorporateNumbers/VPN ?
Are you replacing a existing one ? does the new support anything the old could do ?

Do they got a SRF (IVR) ?
Can there be individual Services beeing developed on the SRF (besides the basic things such as Play / Collect that
maybe can be controlled in the SCE) (IVR) in conjuction with the IN ?

Do they got Realtime CDRS for the System ? Are they easy accessable per WEB-GUI ?
and if required in DB or via Excel / CSV / ?
exportable ?

Customer Self Administartion:
Do the IN got a Portal, where the Customers self can administrat they'r Numbers ?
Do the customer also can Access Statistics ?
Multi User ?
Multi Customer ?
Multi Carrier ?



System Limits:

Is the System easy expandable / is it easy to increas capacity if required ?
How many Calls / per Second can the System Handle ? How big must the System be to meet you needs ?


How mutch the System including all 3rd Party will cost ?
How mutch will the 24x7 support cost ?

Marcel Haldemann
Convercom AG
Our IN Solution: CoCoIN: Intelligent Network:

comparison intelligent network for telecoms network

Thank you mhald. just tell you that these questions will allow me to better support my work. Currently, the company in which I am using a platform that their function sometimes misery. I then conduct a study to see what is the solution. is cequ'on should just do an upgrade or change? I can tell you to configure new services sometimes use should be made to the supplier for help. or to establish packs are sometimes forced to seek solution alleviated. I think these questions will help me to better fit me. thank you again

what are the constraints and threats related to a change IN plat

Hi all,
I am looking for information that will help me identify constraints and threats related to a change in a telecommunications platform. I have some ideas in his example, whether the investment of the previous platform was profitable. Any contribution or criticism are welcome.
thank you