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HLR Operation Timeout

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Sammi Srivastava
HLR Operation Timeout


Let's suppose HLR invoke an operation MAP_ALERT_SERVICE_CENTRE towards the MSC. If HLR does not get response from the MSC then there will be timeout. Now my question is that in this case what action is/are performed by the HLR for this operation.


HLR Operation Timeout

HLR maintains the MWD data in its DB and sends Alert SC to SMSC on receiving Ready for SM event. HLR dose not have knowledge of Message expiry which is explicitly maintained by SMSC. There could be two actions performed.

1) On receiving Alert Sc Time out , HLR should keep quite , and subsequently if again ready for SM is received from VLR it should try sending Alert SC again if the entry is still there in MWD (Message Waiting Data) table.

2) HLR should perform MWD data management in its DB and periodically remove MWD entries from its tables. So that in future the entry is not found in HLR and HLR does not initiate Alert SC for that particular entry.