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How to capture Radio signals?

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How to capture Radio signals?

Hi All,

I am rookie in this field, so if i ask any thing silly please forgive :)

I want capture Radio Signals on my machine, Any buddy has any idea what are the things(in sense of h/w) i would need for that and how am i suppose to do that?

Thanks and Regards,
Sachin Parnami

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Re: How to capture Radio signals?

Maybe spectrum analyser

Radio signals

Receiving radio signals is a hardware function rather than software or language feature. If you search for radio tuner card for pc using your favorite search engine you will find a variety of cards and/or USB devices that will receive FM signals and allow your computer to play them for you. Some of these devices will likely have an API that you may leverage to get what you are after. Here is an example of a Media Card which would probably be suitable.

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