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MAP Messages for SMS

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MAP Messages for SMS

can anyone  brief me about the following messages?
or if u have any docs with MAP message structures pls share it across...

Terminology: SM_RP_DA


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Re: MAP Messages for SMS

You can build any MAP PDU by using this page:

Re: MAP Messages for SMS

Hi Linkbit,

In the given link how can I create different MAP messages. Its having four different packets only(unit data,beg,end and cont)

pls help


Re: MAP Messages for SMS

Start from "Begin". Select the check boxes for the fields you need. Fill or select the desired values on the right side. You'll get the Hex build on the fly.

Example of MAP SMS message over M3UA could be found in this example:

Re: MAP Messages for SMS

Here is some information ... guess it is useful

sendRoutingInfoForSM - MAP Message which is used to get the routing information for MT-ForwardSM. This transaction is between SMSC and HLR. SMSC shall initiate the transaction with MSISDN when it wants to deliver an SMS to subscriber.

mo-ForwardSM -  This the MO Forward message which is initiated by subscriber. When subscriber sends an SMS, this message will be generated and the SMS shall be stored in SMSC.

mt-ForwardSM - This is MT Forward Message which is between SMSC and MSC. This is used for delivering the stored message to the subscriber. Before MT-Forward SM is fired, SMSC shall send SendRoutingInfoForSM to find the location (MSC address) of the subscriber.

reportSM-DeliveryStatus - MAP message to report Failure delivery of SMS to HLR. SMSC shall send this message to HLR to inform about the failure of the SMS. For example, if the subscriber is not reachable, the SMS delivery will fail and SMSC shall inform the HLR about this. On receiving this message, HLR shall store this information and update the SMSC when the subscriber is available through Alert SC so that it can reattempt the failed message.

alertServiceCentre - Refer to above information.

readyForSM - This message is between VLR and HLR to indicate that subscriber is read to receive the SMS now. For example, if the handset memory is full then the sms cannot be delivered. When the subscriber frees up the memory by deleting some message from the handset, an indication will reach MSC and MSC shall inform HLR through Ready for SM message. HLR shall inform SMSC using Alert Service Center message.

Terminology: SM_RP_DA - In case of MO-Forward SM this will be SMSC address and in case of MT-Forward SM this will be IMSI.

SM_RP_UI - Pay load.

More information can be found in GSM standards which are available in 3gpp site. Document to refer is TS 29002.

Re: MAP Messages for SMS

You can download MAP 3GPP specification, i.e. - 29.002 series and can refer 23. Short Message Service Procedure. , you can download latest release.

Re: MAP Messages for SMS

Thank you Guys!  :)