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Broadband access via satellite

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Broadband access via satellite

Where terrestrial fibre networks are limited by geographic challenges, NewSat Ltd provides the communications possibilities. As the leading independent satellite communications specialist in Australia, NewSat Ltd’s VSAT satellite broadband services have been tried and tested in the delivery of optimized services, customized connection to multiple sites on a single network, and infrastructure safety, reliability, and security.

The company also has the in-house capability to offer total turn key solutions for a VSAT network and currently supports more than 4000 satellite telecommunications services in Australia and across a number of regions. Now, you can go beyond broadband applications and optimized NewSat’s satellite broadband service for video and voice conferencing, as well as hosted services and various client applications.

Satellite Broadband? NewSat.

Connecting with the world starts with us. Give us a call at +61 3 9674 4644.