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Calling Card and PBX Platforms from Speedflow

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Calling Card and PBX Platforms from Speedflow

Speedflow is pleased to announce its newly developed switching/billing solutions for retail
VoIP. These are completely NEW Callmax Solutions for your end user targeted VoIP business.
The Calling Card solution supports PIN based and PIN less business models and implies all
standard calling card software features. The CallMax doesn’t require any third-party software
products for operation. Furthermore, support of the DID technology allows providing VoIP
services worldwide with no expensive hardware equipment.

The CallMax IP PBX module is a full-scale Solution with integrated VoIP Billing and advanced
management features. It is a reliable Hosted/Virtual IP PBX which supports all of the
necessary features for serving home, corporate, SoHo and SME customers.
The CallMax Calling Card and PBX platforms are available on rent and purchase conditions.
For more information feel free to contact us via e-mail [email protected] or visit
our web-site