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need smsc server software

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need smsc server software

Hi all,
I am looking for reliable smsc server and billing software for new starting business, if some one want to sell then plz let me know thanks

Amir Lama

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SMSC Software

Dear Amir,

Our company is providing SMS services since 2009. We are using our own SMSC server for the services. We can sell it to you also with minor customizations (if required from your side). Contact us if you want to know further regarding this.

Bharat Ahuja
(Devops Infotech)

Hi Amir, Checkout our SMSC

Hi Amir,

Checkout our SMSC solution:


rameshrai (not verified)
smsc software

contact us for smsc server and smpp server

looking forward to hear from you

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Amir - We provide SMS Gateway Server - TeleOSS for Aggregators

Hello Amir,

Check out the link and let me know if you are looking for something similar..

Best Regards,
Rahul Sudeep
[email protected]

Rahul Sudeep
Marketing & Business Development Executive