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Well-known MediaCore Solution at New Beneficial Price!

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Jane Speedflow
Well-known MediaCore Solution at New Beneficial Price!

A lot of telecom companies have been using the well-known MediaCore Softswitch by Speedflow for years and the solution led these companies to great results. All the time on the market has proven the stability and reliability of Speedflow’s products. Many big telecoms as well as startups have chosen the MediaCore and had the best of a bargain.

The Mediacore is a Class 4 VoIP Solution with Switching, Routing, Billing, Transcoding and Revenue Assurance Mechanism ‘Guardian’. It is a unified point of control solution for VoIP carrier business.

Due to our numerous business relationships with various data-centers Speedflow makes it possible to get the well-known reliable Softswitch at ABSOLUTELY NEW FAVORABLE PRICE!

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To get more detailed information about the MediaCore Price Decrease, please contact our Software Sales Department via e-mail: [email protected].