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Roaming Error

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Roaming Error

HI all,

I have a issue with a customer from our network roaming in Ireland.
=> roaming activated
=> credit available (for CAMEL Phase 2 - live billing in GPRS/SMS services)
=> roaming agreement (with all networks in ireland)
=> LU successful

customer cannot manually select any other network since with the current network his attached to does not have GPRS agreement. (customer needs GPRS services to retrieve e-mails).

when customer tries to manually select other network or search in this sense, he gets error " Managed Roaming - service limited".

Please can anyone advise me what could this mean..? is it a sticky tool - anti roaming tool..?

I have come across so many sticky tool error messages but 1st time with this error - which i am not sure if its from roaming partners.

Thank you


Managed Roaming - service

This seems like a normal behavior since managed roaming services(controlled by home n/w) allows only selection of preferred networks. This way you can't select a N/W not preferred by managed roaming service. This is basically the requirement of this service to control charging though preferred N/Ws only.

That's what I understood, hope it helps you.

Managed Roaming - service

It's clear that your partners has a good retaintion system by using OTA.