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stm1 ciscco 15305?

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stm1 ciscco 15305?

i have two equipment stm1 cisco 15305 .they are connetted each other in the linear topology .the first is the local and the second is the remote .i want both can manage each other.but only the local can manage the the edge craft for cisco system i can ping each other .but in command promt i only can ping the remote .when the remote have the default gate way of the local(it's the ip of the local) and the local have the default gate way is can't change this address.
and the second .when i connect the Cisco 15305 to the SHD flex150/600 of fujitsu via 2M .how could i set the synchronization for each other ?via au-4 or c-12 .
Please help me !
my email is [email protected]
thank you !

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