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ACN Error

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ACN Error


I'm a french student and actualy i work on a intelligent network.

I've a call server which i send prepaid mobile scenario test to IN. When i launch a message IDP (camel V2) with ACN (cap-v2-gsmSSF-to-gsmSCF-AC), i received Abort :

Abort reason : u-abortCause (11)
oid : (id-as-dialogue)
abort-source : dialogue-service-user (0)

I've tryed with a random ACN and i received abort-source : dialogue-service-provider(1).

If you have an idea ?


Best regards.

Perhaps this could give you

Perhaps this could give you some directions - when the abort comes from user it means the recv user part (CAPv2 on the SCP) could not handle this IDP req - there is likely something wrong with your IDP req because if there would be just semantic problems you would have received TC-ERROR or TC-REJECT instead of TC-ABORT. When you tried random ACN then provider aborted dialogue because TCAP(TC) on SCP is not configured to handle dialogue with such ACN. I could tell you more if I see message dumps..

i've a wireshark capture with

i've a wireshark capture with the send IDP and the abort. If you want i can send this by email.



Salut Arnaud, to be on the

Salut Arnaud,

to be on the save side pls send me those traces as pcap file to t_zvarik at yahoo dot com. I'll check if I can get some more information about your problem out of that.
In case you are not using Wireshark built-in CAP encoder pls export traces to the txt file and append hexa bytes. It is enough to export TCAP and CAP layers. Merci,


I've solved my problems, it's

I've solved my problem, it's not my acn has bad but a declaration in NNTable. Thanks for your help.