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BICC Codec negotiation

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BICC Codec negotiation

I connect to another vendor MSC via BICC Connect foward. I send BICC IAM with range of codecs (G.711, AMRWB, AMR2, AMR). Peer switch returns BICC APM with codecs (AMR2, AMR) The I send back BICC APM with tunnel info request then peer switch responds with BICC APM with tunnel info accept.
1. How do I know the most preferred codec on my MSS and peer switch?
2. In bicc tunnel how can I know the codec chosen after negotiation above based on packetisation times (aptime values)
3. Is the negotiation process different for connect backward?

Thanks gurus

vikas9387  Codec Negotiation• The Supported Codec List is constructed and contains all the codecs, in priority order, that are offered for use in the call from the SN initiating codec negotiation.•Intermediate SN will delete the codecs from the received Supported Codec List which it cannot support and is passed to next SN•Terminating SN selects the codec with highest priority in the received Supported Codec List that can be supported by it. This is selected codec. This is passed to previous SN