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Building a MAP gateway

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Building a MAP gateway

Is anyone familiar with developing an application sever (running on a Solaris unix box) that is able to "speak" with a Cisco ITP?

The application would be instructing the SMSC to send out SMSs. The setup wuld similar to this:

Figure 8: Cisco ITP SMS Multilayer Routing for Tele-Voting

My intended setup:
[APPLICATION SERVER] -> [CISCO ITP] -> [possibly a MSC] -> [SMSC]

The communication for the [APPLICATION SERVER] -> [CISCO ITP] would be over IP

I think I would be sending MAP messages (with the instructions for the SMSC) from my application server to the Cisco ITP. Thats the part I need help/info on. How could this be done? Anyone here ever done it before?

(I would be doing the coding (in Java), I am by no means a SS7 expert (at best I am a beginner). I have just been trying to familarize myself thus far with SS7, SIGTRAN and SCTP etc.)

Any information/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Essentially I am wanting to replicate (on my unix application server) the SS7 MAP Gateway functionality seen in the diagram below:

Figure 1 The Cisco ITP MAP Gateway merges the WLAN and the GSM authentication together.

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Re: Building a MAP gateway

Sure. Lots of application servers do this.

The package that I am familiar with is the HP Opencall, which is a Sigtran atack, wherein you send the traffic, it converts to Sigtran , and out to the Cisco ITP. ITPs can convert to TDM, if this is needed by the Signaling Gateway.

OpenSS7 ( also has a Sigtran stack, but it is a little flakey. I couldn't get it to run right for me.

Most SMS is sent via SMPP these days, however.

Re: Building a MAP gateway

If it is just receiving and sending SMSs from SMSC, why don't you use SMPP to connect and
send msgs to SMSC. SMPP also is on TCP/IP.
Or, there is any specific requirement or restrictions do like this as you mentioned in the setup?
In that case solution suggested by RussCrush seems to be good.

Re: Building a MAP gateway


Thanks for your responses. You both suggesting connecting to the SMSC, I should have pointed out that in my solution I only have access to the Cisco ITP (no direct connection to the SMSC) via my Application Server.

Also, I am trying to build the application from scratch. So RussCrush, I would essentially be trying to build the HP Open Call Application you suggested where I am specifically focusing on the MAP Gateway Functionality (well....something like that). And I specifically would want to actually build the application (unless of course there is a site that I could go and download the MAP gateway to my unix box  :))

Do you know of any code or similar Open Source application/code I could take a look at (apart from OpenSS7 Sigtran stack)

( "budget" is essentially $0.00, I hoping to do this with whatever resources I can find online and books I have available to me)