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buy Global Title (GT)

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buy Global Title (GT)

i pretty new here and sorry if i post it in the wrong forum,

i'm trying to build SMS server and i was told that i need SS7 and global title
now the SS7 issue i solved,
but i can't find any company\person\organization that can sell global title

please help me ......


Global Title

Typically that translation database is owned and managed by the 12 core wireless network providers in the USA. You have to have that FCC licensing and meet those qualifications to fall in that bucket. So unless you happen to have 50 million lying around and a dozen crack washington lawyers I would just buy the access wholesale. Cheaper less headache renting.

Global Title

thanks for your replay.
what is that means? that i need to buy everything so i can send an SMS?.
money is not an issue (for now).
i just want to get to the source, the company that provide global title.

if you have any idea please let me know
thanks a lot

Global Title List


Can anyone tell me where I can get a comprehensive list of MRSN ranges to allow me to see what Mobile provider is linked to a specific number/range. I work for an MVNO and its difficult to see what network a customer is on in India and USA/Canada.

Thanks all,