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Call Status in IN Camel

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Call Status in IN Camel

Hi all, I'm analyzing the Camel packet captured from IN of Telco. From this, I can see the InitialDP, EventReportBCSM, ... And I tried to get the status of a call. As can be seen by EventTypeBCSM, I can have some cases of status:

[1] camel.eventTypeBCSM=4 -> Route Select Failure
[2] camel.eventTypeBCSM=5 -> oCalledPartyBusy
[3] camel.eventTypeBCSM=6 -> oNoAnswer
[4] camel.eventTypeBCSM=7 -> oAnswer
[5] camel.eventTypeBCSM=9 -> oDisconnect
[6] camel.eventTypeBCSM=10 -> oAbandon

When I make a call from calling A -> called B. Case [2],[3], [4],[5] are correct as expected. Case [6] is also correct when A call to B and A hang up during alerting. But when I turn off B and make a call to B (some one says: "the number you have dialed is temporarily not available"), then I check the value, it returns oAbandon of case [6].
I don't know why it considers this case as Abandon. And if so, how can we distinguish these two cases (true Abandon and temporarily no available) by the packet from IN.

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Can you please let me know if you were able to find a solution to this problem? Im trying to create a missed call alert application by reading this data off a network card. Im planning to read and parse this data using tshark. Do you think that tshark will be able to handle live traffic?

Please help me out here.!!

Please help me out here.!!


I think you need to analyze the next packet which is "CIR" which contains a releaseCause. From there you can distinguish. But if you only need to get info from the ERBCSM then I am not sure on how to that.


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Faraz Majid Ali


Hi all, the answer found. The reason is that when the announcement "the number you have dialed is temporarily not available ..." started playing, in most cases, calling or called abandon this call by button "End call" (No one listen to the end of this announcement). And this event is reported as "Abandon" at MSC side.So that it should be 10.