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CAMEL CSI usage in GSM

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CAMEL CSI usage in GSM


Can someone tell me how the GSM visited MSC provides combination of CAMEL services for a single call? For example, can prepaid related O-CSI coexist with another service. For example, is the following achievable:

1. User makes an o/g call. Call arrives visited MSC. Note: Assume registration is already complete and CSI information is already available in VLR.
2. Visited MSC queries prepaid SCP/server and checks whether call should be allowed, etc.
3. Then the visited MSC queries another SCP (for 2nd service, e.g. VPN).
4. Receives Connect (with a modified called party number)
5. Call is routed based to the new number received in #4

This way, can more than two services be combined as well?


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Re: CAMEL CSI usage in GSM

Hi Shikhar,

In order that your #4 can be routed. You should manage to trigger the 2nd service (in #3 eg. VPN).
To do so, you can make a modification on your first service application (eg. Prepaid) in order that with the allowed message, an connect with calledpartynumber is also provided with a specific destination number (ex: 123). Hence 123 will be use in #3 by the MSC in order to trigger the second service (eg. VPN).
The other solution is to ask for a Service Interaction Platform (SIF) which will perform service triggering distribution in sequential/parallel mode. This kind of platform allow triggering on dialled/camel/inap.


CAMEL CSI usage in GSM


Would somebody do me a favour and give me a link or any thing which leads me to have a good document about CSI-Triggered IN Service? I really get confused to understading this protocle
by the way i have 3GPP but i need more esiare one