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CAMEL incompatibility

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CAMEL incompatibility


Please, can someone tell me how should the HLR behave if there no VLR capabilities in the BEG UL message for the prepaid subscriber

Thanks in advance

CAMEL Incompatibility

If there are no CAMEL Capabilities in the Update Location message from VLR to HLR, then the HLR will not send CAMEL Service Informations (CSIs) associated with the subscriber in the ISD message from the HLR.

thanks marian for you

thanks marian for you reply
I'm facing this issue with a no CAMEL agreement partner
even I remove the camel capabilities from UL message, the foreign HLR reply with CSI with CAMEL version 1 for their prepaid CAMEL sub
on the vendor documentation, I found that removing the the camel capabilies from UL indicate that the VLR will support only the CAMEL V1

I'd linke to know which is the information showing bisides the VLR capabilities?
how can I set the restriction without decriding the MAP version ?

thanks in advance