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Cisco ITP /without Serial interface

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Cisco ITP /without Serial interface


I have a Cisco box with ITP IOS,but the box does not have any kind of serial interface,it has only one FastEthernet interface.
I have configured M3UA,but the link won't start because there is no clock signalization from serial line.

Does anybody knows if it is possible to configure Cisco ITP without any serial interfaces involved,I mean I'd just like to use the box in standalone fashion ?


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Re: Cisco ITP /without Serial interface


I think You didn't understand my question or my question was not so clear.

I'm trying to set up Cisco ITP/SIGTRAN.
I'm trying to set up SCTP/M3UA connection to destination point code.
Since the Cisco box does not have any serial interface at the moment,
basically I'm asking if this connection could be started anyway.
If we look at the following document :

,page 18,it will say that in order to be able to start the SIGTRAN
link,one should do on serial interface 'no shut'.
But my box does not have serial interface,so I can't do 'no shut'
on serial interface.
Does it mean I can't start SIGTRAN connection at all ?