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Clarification on a section 9.2 in MTP3 ITU-T Q.704 specs

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Clarification on a section 9.2 in MTP3 ITU-T Q.704 specs

Ref sec 9.2 Actions in a signalling point whose MTP is restarting;

Clarification on following note in subsection 9.2.1 requested (Note copy-pasted below):

"NOTE – In order to use the overall restart time in an efficient way, it is preferable to make all link sets available at nearly the same time, by activating first one link per link set, and by applying emergency alignment for at least the first link in each link set."

Following doubts:

Q.1) Is it mandatory to activate first link in each linkset in Emergency alignment mode?

Q.2) If answer to Q.1 is "yes" then is it mandatory all other links (excluding first link) in a particular linkset needs to be activated in Normal alignment mode ONLY? ... OR ... other links can be activated in Emergency Alignmode as well ... thus left as an implementation choice?

Q.3) General question -> If a link can be brought in INSERVICE in relatively lesser time by using EMERGENCY aligment mode then what is the advantage of using NORMAL aligment mode? In other words, how to decide wether to go for NORMAL or EMERGENCY alignment mode?

-Thanks In Advance