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componet portion values :(

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componet portion values :(

Haloz again :),

I need to know the structure for the parameter in the component portion in an INAP message:
for example i received this INOP_EventReportBCSM message:


it's parameter part is :

what do we mean by 80, a2 , a3 , ... etc. i can't figure it!
80 01 0d
a2 06 a8 04 80 02 80 90
a3 03 81 01 02
a4 03 80 01 01

thanx in advance :)

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Re: componet portion values :(

It is a TLV format
30 is the ASN  tag for Parameter portion and next byte  indicates the length of the param .
this param length gives the whole INAP structure fields length.
Each INAP sructure member will have again Tag,length,value fields.
u should have ASN tags for all fields for decoding and encoding the message.

Re: componet portion values :(

okay but i can't figure what is after the parameter tag and length !
what they mean 80 a1 .... etc.

Re: componet portion values :(

According to ASN message defination of INOP_EventReportBCSM message.
80-- sequence TAG.
A1,A2,A3 are the IMPLICIT TAG to identify the IE in a sequence.

A2- is event specific Information BCSM.

Re: componet portion values :(

Thanks dineshonss7 for replying,

could you give the reference you get this info. from?

Re: componet portion values :(

You can refer ITU-T Q.1218, Annex section, ASN module chapter.