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feeling lost!

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feeling lost!

Dear all,

since months i am feeling lost and desperate !
i am working on the CAMEL protocol messages checking that all right, as i send apply charging and be sure that i receive apply charging report ... etc. but i have two issues i hope anyone could help me with ...

the first issue that:

until now except for BCSM messages i don't know what parameter values i should send really..
so when i set Requested Information Type parameter in CallInformationRequest message i fill it with for example 1 ... why ? just a guess ...
what is the meaning of 1 what's the meaning of 2? can't figure ?!

the second issue:

when i send CallInformationRequest and successfully receive CallInformationReport i can't analyze it... i can't know what the component portion means it's as i read and i may be wrong is about ROSE protocol ...

please any info. may help ...

thanks in advance

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Re: feeling lost!

go through the CAMEL spec's and get the definition for each param in each message
and go through the ASN spec for tag ,values or go through some old traces for tag values .

Re: feeling lost!

Thanks pramod you as always a great help thanks man :),