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General Caller ID question

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General Caller ID question

Hey all.  We are having an issue over something I thought may be a basic change.  However, I am more in the Ops field, so may be completely off base.

Our company has a subsidery within the same infrastructure.  However, they are 2 entities with their own branding, clients, contracts, etc...  When calls are place out of the building, without any external change like dialer campaign options related to caller ID, the customer will see our primary company name on their phone display.  Our subsidery company has a different name, but when calls are made from that subsidery out of the same building, the customer still see's the primary parent company name, rather than the subsidery name; which creates customer confusion.

My question is, where is the 'Name' feature controlled?  At a specific switching center?  Is it a confirguation at an SS7 layer level?  Is it an internal swtich setting?  If it is an internal switch setting...can it be blocked at some instance by the service provider and defaulted back to the origional value?

Thank you, I look forward to your input!

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