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Global Title vs. Point Code

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Global Title vs. Point Code

Hello! :)

I'm new to SS7 and I started to work for mobile operator not so long ago. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between Global Title and Point Code? But in simple wwords? Please

Thanks in advance...


Global Title vs. Point Code

A Global Title (GT) is an address used in the SCCP protocol for routing signaling messages on telecommunications networks. In theory, a global title is a unique address which refers to only one destination, though in practice destinations can change over time.
The Global Title is similar in purpose on the PSTN to the host name on the internet. In design, however, global titles are quite different. The structure is usually hierarchical, the value can be of variable length, and is not necessarily a wholly numeric value—though it often is for issues of backwards compatibility and association with regular telephone numbers.

An SS7 point code is similar to an IP address in an IP network. It is a unique address for a node (Signaling Point, or SP), used in MTP layer 3 to identify the destination of a message signal unit (MSU).

In such a message you will find an OPC (Originating Point Code) and a DPC (Destination Point Code); sometimes documents also refer to it as a signaling point code. Depending on the network, a point code can be 24 bits (North America, China), 16 bits (Japan), or 14 bits (ITU standard, International SS7 network and most countries) in length.

For example Global titles belong to your mobile network looks like your mobile number: +xx248283828 where xx is your contry code
Pont code looks like: 8578, 600 etc.

For more info:

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Great information from admin!
hi neven,
i think you should read about the SS7 protocol stack, then you will understand where we use SPC and Global Title. no offense.,

right on brother



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Hi Neven, GT AND SPC are

Hi Neven,
GT AND SPC are using for addressing and routing of the message in SS7 network. But GT is only used for routing messages at SCCP level. GT is formated as national number.

Hi Neven, In simple terms

Hi Neven,

In simple terms Global Title is used at SCCP level in a SS7 stack and Point code is used at MTP level.

GT is an unique identity of a Network Element while Point code is unique with in a particular SS7 network.

lets say for example : there are two Telecom operators Airtel, Idea . no two GT will be same in these two networks but we can have same Point codes in both networks.