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IDP Extensions tags

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IDP Extensions tags

Hi, I would like to know if there is any good book where I could find what are the indexes used to encode each of the extensions parameters in IDP.
-- List of SSF supported extensions for IDP operation:
-- AgeOfLocationInformation
-- BearerServiceCode
-- CallReferenceNumber
-- CellIdFixedLength
-- Dialled Carrier Access Code
-- EnquiryCallIndicator
-- ExtBearerServiceCode
-- ExtTeleServiceCode
-- GeographicalInformation
-- HighSpeedDataIndicator
-- LAIFixedLength
-- MobileStationClassMark2
-- MSCAddress
-- SubscriberState
-- TeleServiceCode
-- TerminatingLocationNumber
-- VLRNumber

Hi, AFAIK extensions are

Hi, AFAIK extensions are meant as proprietary add-ons to the standardized parameters of OP:IDP. Thus the content of extensions is not specified by standard but is implementation dependent. So the encoding of extensions is fully in your hands.

Hi TomiZet, Thanks for

Hi TomiZet,
Thanks for the help with this issue...

protocol variant?

Which INAP/CAP variant (vendor - E///, NSN, Huawei) is being used? and protocol version of that variant.

Looks like Ericsson CS1/CS1+

Looks like Ericsson CS1/CS1+