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INAP InitialDP and Calling Party Number

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INAP InitialDP and Calling Party Number

Hi all,

is Calling Party Number mandatory in INAP Detection Point 3?

T-REC-Q.1218 tell us that is OPTIONAL and that for dialledDigits, callingPartyNumber, and callingPartysCategory you have to refer to clause 3 for the trigger detection point processing rules to specify when these parameters are included in the message.

T-REC-Q.1219 states that

The calling party number is available at DP 1 in the originating BCSM and DP 12 in the terminating BCSM for a call originating from a non-ISDN line, ISDN BRI or PRI, and can be available at DP 1 and DP 12 for SS7 trunks. This criterion could be applicable at all DPs.

So I was quite sure that Calling Party Number wasn't available for DP3 until I read this (from Analyse_Information DP description on T-REC-Q.1214)

After the SSF/CCF determines that the information has been analysed, it is assumed that the
SSF/CCF has the following information available associated with the originating call portion:
–Charge Number, Calling Party Number, Calling Party BGID, Class of Service, Bearer Capability, Calling
Facility Group, Calling Facility Group Member, Service Profile Identifier, and other feature-related
information – This information is available for each access type under the conditions defined in PIC 1.

So is this parameter mandatory or not?

Many thanks.

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