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Initiate Call Attempt .... GsmSsf

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Initiate Call Attempt .... GsmSsf

Hi All,

  Anyone knows about ICA network initiated call in gsmssf???

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Re: Initiate Call Attempt .... GsmSsf

The ICA operation is used between the SCP and SSP  to establish a call to the specified party by the SCP in mobile Intelligent network like remainder calls and wake up calls through CAMEL protocol...

Re: Initiate Call Attempt .... GsmSsf

What if i try to extablish a call between two parties using ICA ??

Re: Initiate Call Attempt .... GsmSsf

You could establish a call between two parties using ICA.

This can be done using both INAP CS-2 and CAP4, the messages are named slightly different, but the principles are the same.

You would first send ICA to A- and B-party. O_Answer DP should be armed in interrupt mode so that you can immediatley ConnectToResource upon answer to inform the subscriber that you are awaitng connectin to the B-party.

When B-party answeres you would typicaly send MergeCallSegments (INAP CS-2) or MoveLeg (CAP4) to connect the two legs in a speechchannel.

You could add several more legs to the call using this method, only limited by the serving gsmSFF.

Re: Initiate Call Attempt .... GsmSsf...


Is it possible to initiate a particular service based upon the InitiateCallAttempt operation?
For e.g. how would MSC/SSF know which service to trigger? I want to know whether ICA can be used in a way to trigger a particular service.


This could be realized using

This could be realized using a prefix and N-CSI trigger. N-CSI (camel terminology) is a "dialed trigger" which does not rezide in the HLR. It is more or less a proprietary implementation in the MSC/MSS network elements.

You would provision the switch to invoke your desired service on a spesific prefix. This prefix is then prepended to the called party in the ICA-message.

This is a wery conceptual description of course. It all depends on your equipment.


what if i need to use ICA to simulate outbound IVR call
an IN node to send ICA to MSC, then send connect to resource, play announcement, prompt and collect
so that the B-number to hear MGW announcement