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Is it a Pardox..? or IMPOSSIBLE

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Is it a Pardox..? or IMPOSSIBLE

I need to create e1 / SDH ring between 2 softswitches (Notel CS2k and Siemens HiQ)
Is it possible..?
or my supervisor has gone crazy while doing researchs>>?

Well as i far as i know IP connection b/w Softswitches and E1/T1 connection b/w
Signaling points of SS7 or PSTN entities..  But this guy wants me to create a E1 circuit b/w above 2 soft switches(using optical or Electrical connection)

Also my work is here to create a SS7 Network in the Research Lab, compatible with
the simulated Cable Network, VoIP network and above 2 softswitches. As a FIRST STEP he wants me to do like above..

I am realy Naive / Novice and amateur here stuck with my Internship,
i am not going any further than this but checking mails and chatting and playing games

please some one give me a short / rough guidance..
Or please give me the Ideal Links from where i can get Infos or Post it..

Thanks in Advance


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