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Lack of IMSI in subsequent SM transfers

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Lack of IMSI in subsequent SM transfers

According to the MAP specifications 3gpp document (29002), the IMSI parameters is omitted in subsequent MT Forward transfers:

See definition in clause 7.6.8. This parameter can contain either an IMSI or a LMSI. The use of the LMSI is an operator
option. The LMSI can be provided if it is received from the HLR. The IMSI is used if the use of the LMSI is not available.
This parameter is omitted in the mobile terminated subsequent SM transfers."

It seems that in MT scenarios where MoreMessageToSend flag is set to true, the IMSI parameter is available only in the first message. I couldn't find anywhere in the MAP document flowcharts how this IMSI is stored and used in subsequent transfers (I specifically looked at 23.3.3 clause, Procedure in the Serving MSC). Could anybody please point me to the exact part of document where this has been described?

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Hi, pls check out "23.3.1

Hi, pls check out "23.3.1 Procedure in the SMS-GMSC":

... If the SMS-GMSC does not send an LMSI to the serving node, the sm-RP-DA information field in the first MAP_MT_FORWARD_SHORT_MESSAGE request sent to the serving MSC or SGSN shall contain the IMSI, and the Destination Reference in the MAP_OPEN request shall not be present. The parameter SM_RP_OA shall contain the Service Centre address.