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Location number and Location info in IDP message

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Location number and Location info in IDP message

How does IN charge a customer while roaming ?

I read some document about this and found that IN charge by 'location information'. Is this correct ? And this is a standard ?

The parameter shows in 'Location number' is MSC ? And the parameter shows in 'location information' is VLR GT ?

'Location number' is importance or not ? As I found some IDP without 'Location number', it fail !!
Some IDPs have 'Location number' with wrong CC-NDC(not MSC GT), the calls are success and charge as correct.

difference between 'location information' and 'Location number'

What are the difference between 'location information' and 'Location number' in IDP message ?

Different messages in SS7

Dear Friends
I am trying to understand the different message flow and their contents. For Ex IN msg, CAP msg, TCAP msg, SCCP msg. Kindly share links or /material/DOC which helps me.

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As I know locationNumber

As I know locationNumber includes location area code + cell id which indicate location of sub at the time call is made. Probably is it possible to apply encoding rules per application for these bytes. I could not recall any useful info about location information.

location information is the

location information is the global title of MSC/VLR

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