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Location Update Inter MSC Query??

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Location Update Inter MSC Query??

I have a few queries regarding the Inter MSC Location Update.

1. Are MSC No. , VLR Address, MSRN all same for an MS in a visited MSC-VLR?
2. When New MSC-VLR recieves "MM - Location Update Request" from MS after which it does Authorization & Ciphering Mode Enabling and Now it does have the subscriber's IMSI info from OLD VLR-MSC , does it generates a VLR Address/MSRN for that particular IMSI before Updating HLR?? Because I have read somewhere that "MAP-Update Location" Message from New-VLR to HLR Contains two things IMSI & MSRN?
3. If MSC-VLR already hv assigned MSRN to the IMSI then what is the need of "Insert Subscriber Data" Msg to Update VLR Database from HLR which have the MSISDN of the subscriber to be updated at VLR???

Can Anybody explain this please??

Inter MSC HandOver Query

I want to know the interMSC Handover flow. when subsciber have done inter MSC handover and still busy in call after interMSC handover ... in the same time if subscriber received the other call . in this senario HLR will send the Provide roaming no to which MSC ...previous MSC or to new VLR....but subscriber is not latcehed in new VLR because he is busy in interMSC handover call