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hi, my task is to implement an api for MAP-ANY-TIME-INTERROGATION service, to get subscriber location information from HLR.
Although I read many docs regarding MAP and TCAP, I am still confused how can I start.
1. should I download some ss7 stack to get some standard libs?
2. as I understand, this should be a standard service, which every HLR could support. am I right?
3. what about authentication? there is no authentication mentioned in this service.

any kind of suggestion will be appreciated...


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are you going to develop MAP-ANY-TIME-INTERROGATION service on top of MAP layer of ss7 stack , i.e. do you have ss7 stack? or you are going to write the MAP layer and TCAP layer to implement MAP-ANY-TIME-INTERROGATION.

If you have ss7 stack, then ss7 stack should have the apis exposed for all messages in MAP layer. you can use those apis and fill all structure.

If you are going to implement the MAP and TCAP layer then you have to take care of the ASN.1 encoding and decoding of the MAP messages, state machine to maintain the state of dialogue , you have to exposed  some interface structure at the api level to get the data from MAP user. 



I don't have ss7 stack and I am going to write MAP layer and TCAP layer to implement the service.
You are right, I need to take care the asn.1 encoding and decoding. what do you mean about 'state machine to maintain the state of dialogue'?
could you provide some example code stream to get location of the subscriber?
I don't know how to define the 'invoke id' of the request.


I sent you an email, please check that. also to others:

Now we decide to use openss7 lib, since it will be much easier.
I am planning to install the sigtran which download from, is this the right lib which I should get? do I need more to get the api?
You said, after get ss7 stack, it needs to only fill the structure. But where can I find this information?
I search  a lot from the internet, quite confused now.
It would be great if you could give me some hints how to start, or give me some useful website address.

I found this:
Could I use the similar way to generate the request and read and response?

Maybe there are two steps I should do:
1. encode and decode Map message based on following format (from 3GPP ts 29.002)
anyTimeInterrogation OPERATION  ::=  {
      subscriberIdentity  [0] CHOICE {
        imsi        [0] IMPLICIT OCTET STRING ( SIZE( 3 .. 8 ) ),
        msisdn      [1] IMPLICIT OCTET STRING ( SIZE( 1 .. 20 ) ) ( SIZE( 1 .. 9 ) )},
      requestedInfo        [1] IMPLICIT SEQUENCE {

2. put this map message to TCAP format by the openss7 lib
Am I right?
or I just use the openss7 lib, fill some structure, that's all? In this case, I could forget ASN.1 encoding and decoding, right?

Currently I have high pressure regarding this implementation, and nobody here has any idea about this stuff.
So any of your suggestion will be quite appreciated...