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MAP SMS Handling Signal Flow (MAP3)

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MAP SMS Handling Signal Flow (MAP3)

Hi friends,

hope you are doing well. Have one concern with SMS flow on MAP interface.

Say MAP_MO_FWD_SM is received from MSC to IN and IN deliver it to SMSC on SMPP.


SMSC respond back as success/failure on SMPP to IN and IN has to respond back to MSC. Which message will be used from IN to MSC? and what might be the content of that message?

MSC <---MAP(???)--- IN <---SMPP---SMSC

Will it be MAP_MO_FORWARD_SM with User Error and provider Error populated? or any other message?

What message on MAP will be used to report short message delivery to subscriber?

Thank you :)

Hello, MAP messages(better


MAP messages(better say services) are mapped on the TCAP messages - please check out 3GPP 29.002 chapter "General rules for mapping of services onto TC" for more details. So mentioned MAP_MO_FWD_SM_Request is mapped on TCAP-BEGIN + TCAP-INVOKE. Similarly the MAP_MO_FWD_SM_Response is mapped on TCAP messages. This is how it shall go like this:

  • IN shall respond with TCAP-END + TCAP-RESULT-LAST in case MO was submitted.

In case things go wrong it is more tricky:

  • TCAP-END + TCAP-RETURN-ERROR or TCAP-END + TCAP-REJECT or TCAP-ABORT might be used in case MO was not submitted by MAP entity @IN - these are mapped to the MAP user errors.
  • Situations when MAP entity @IN could not be reached or does not respond at all are mapped on provider errors.

To report delivery of SM is in fact ordinary MAP_MT_FWD_SM but the SMS message is not SMS-DELIVER but SMS-STATUS_REPORT.

Hope this helps..