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Message Waiting Notification Directive

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Message Waiting Notification Directive


Can anybody tell me in which standard of ANSI-41E from TIA/EIA I can find the message format (with parameters) and procedures for MessageWaitingNotificationDirective  used in Message Waiting Indication in IS41 MAP networks ?
I have gone thru IS41D standards, but I think they have included this in later version i.e. IS41E. I looked in to TIA/EIA site , and there are quite almost 10-15 different ANSI-41E standards. Does anybody know which one has the information I 'm interested in ?

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3GGP2 Interoperability Specification (IOS) for cdma2000 Access N

You can get in 3GGP2 Interoperability Specification (IOS) for cdma2000 Access Network Interfaces (part) IV of the specification.

Santosh K