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One Basic query regd. SS7

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One Basic query regd. SS7

Hi friends...

          I have doubts regarding the difference between Non Associated and Quasi Associated mode of signalling in SS7. Read few books but got a different definition may be i'm slightly confused...could anyone clarify pl? ???

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Re: One Basic query regd. SS7

Not sure what you want.

I know that Quasi-Associated signaling is indirect through a third party (usually an STP using GT), and Associated signaling is direct point to point (OPC-DPC) signaling.

The difference is that in a Quasi-Associated signaling, the originator does not have a status (Up or down) of the destination.

Can you give a little more detail?

Re: One Basic query regd. SS7

Hi friend :)

Both of method we use DPC-OPC (Destination Point Code- Origination Point Code).Every messages protocol ISUP(IAM,ANM,CPG ...), SCCP(UDT,XUDT,UDTS...) contain parametres DPC, OPC. We general use DPC to sent message from one telephone exchange to another telephone exchange.
When we use direct link between two telephone exchanges. The method is Non Associated.

For explain Quasi Associated method you imagine configuration SS7 network telephone exchange (OPC=1000) have not direct link to telephone exchange (OPC=1001) but another telephone exchanges (OPC=1002) have direct links to telephone exchanges (OPC=1001 and OPC=1000).

TE means telephone exchange.
If TE1 (OPC=1000) wants to sent message to TE2 (OPC=1001) must use TE3 (OPC=1002) like transfer point. TE1 sends message IAM (OPC=1000 DPC=1001) via direct link to TE3 (OPC=1002) next TE3 (OPC=1002) sent this IAM by direct link to TE2 (OPC=1001).

I think GT is Global Title. We use GT for many thing for example roaming message UDT, on platform Intelligent Network....

Bye alpork