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operation timeout for RRB message

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operation timeout for RRB message

Hi Gurus ,

I have one doubt for a partcular message that SCP has sent the below RRB message to SSF and after 1sec and 13 msec the TCAP layer has sent the operation time out. This for a MO call scenario . My question is if the below RRB is valid or not ? If valid then how the SSF will notify the GSMSCF after receiving answer message from B subscriber ? Is this the reason for operation time out ?

CAP Protocol level

Primitive 1:


eventTypeBCSM = oAbandon
monitorMode = notifyAndContinue

eventTypeBCSM = oDisconnect
monitorMode = interrupted
sendingSideID = 01

operation timeout for RRB message

Hi Koushik,

I can't see any problem in the RRBE message from SCP. It is not mandatory to arm the answer DP from SCP to SSP. In some scenarios, SCP don't need the answer event for charging. It can charge based on the ACR getting after max call duration parameter in AC message.

Time out should not be because of wrong RRBE message parameter. I guess there should be any routing problem from SCP to SSP back in SCCP level. Please have a check. It is worth to take trace in STPs(if any) and SSP for the response from SCP