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Protocol Message Decoder

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Protocol Message Decoder

do anyone have an idea of programs decode MAP,INAP,... messages?
give it the message and decode every byte in it.

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Re: Protocol Message Decoder

u can decode all MAP,CAMEL,INAP,IS-41D,WIN messages through manually or u can
go for ASN Compiler for decoding all those messages
so that no need to do manually wher ASN decoder/Encoder  ll decode and gives the msg structure for u...

Re: Protocol Message Decoder

You can use online decoder from, But i dont know whether it is free these days.

Re: Protocol Message Decoder


I am using OSS as the ASN.1 compiler but I am facing some problem in compiling with it. Whenever any PDU has 2 tags with the same type and they are optional, it gives an error. There are lots of PDU's in the specification where the tags are optional and they are of same type.

Can anyone please help in this regard?