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regarding CRBT simulator issue.

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regarding CRBT simulator issue.

hi, rescently we built a crbt controller. To test that controller at Code level we built crbt simulator. actually i am fresher to this area. i tried to devolope the CRBT simulator. i Just create a thread to send IDP to CRBT controller. inside that thread i am filling IDP parametrs. while filling that parameters Calling party and called party should be in bcd format. so i just convert that string to bcd format. after calling tht string to bcd function i am printing the bcd value for verification. but it is printing blank. for this function i used call by reference mechanism. but inside that function it is printing.

function call
stringtobcd(&idp->callingpart[1](this is destinatio), &srcstring, lenth(of src)). these three parameters i am passing.

can any one help about this.

thanks in advance

hello, is call ring back tone

hello, is call ring back tone ? ok are you still developing your own platform ?